Regional Council approves 2023 Property Tax Supported Business Plans and Budget

Whitby, Ont – Durham Regional Council has approved the 2023 Property Tax Supported Business Plans and Budget.

The 2023 Property Tax Supported Business Plans and Budget totals $1.9 billion in gross expenditures, requiring a 2023 tax levy of approximately $817.4 million. This represents a proposed net property tax increase of 5.2 per cent, or approximately $153 for the average residential home with an assessed value of $483,100.

The Region is investing in critical frontline core service areas; advancing the implementation of the Strategic Plan; addressing the continued financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on a number of Regional services; meeting current economic challenges such as rising inflation; and accounting for the future growth of our community through priorities such as:

  • Investments in housing and homelessness support programs to advance the goals of At Home in Durham, the Durham Housing Plan 2014-2024, to end homelessness in Durham and ensure affordable rent and greater housing choices for everyone through a total investment of $117.3 million. This is an increase of 31 per cent from 2022, including a Regional contribution of $75.5 million, an increase of 28.3 per cent towards:
    • Expanded homelessness support programs.
    • Increased funding for the At Home Incentive program to support the development of new affordable housing units.
    • Increased funding for rent supplement programs and community housing provider payments.
    • Continued innovative approaches to new affordable housing development that responds to local needs.
  • The Region of Durham Paramedic Services Business Plans and Budget includes investments to address population growth, increased calls for service and significant hospital offload delays, as well as to support employee wellness and sustained resilience and to improve current response times. Key highlights include:
    • 48 hours of new paramedic service daily during peak deployment hours by putting four additional ambulances on the road and hiring 24 new paramedics.
    • Advanced Care Paramedic training.
    • Capital investments for the Clarington Station, a North Durham Station and a new station in South Whitby.
    • The 2023 Durham Region Transit (DRT) Business Plan and Budget supports increases in transit service levels; transition of the DRT fleet to zero emission technologies; and invests in new transit facilities and infrastructure, innovations, and passenger amenities, including:
      • 27,178 additional transit service hours.
      • 22 new electric buses.
      • Strategic planning activities to support DRT’s long-term planning and continuous improvement efforts.

Other major priority investments include policing to safeguard and protect our communities; building a new Regional long-term care home in north Pickering; redesigning the Oshawa Waste Management Facility; implementation of the Region’s Corporate Climate Action Plan and Long-term Waste Management Plan; plus many other exciting opportunities.

Through the 2023 Business Plans and Budget, the Region is investing to improve the lives of people and businesses in Durham through everyday services—ensuring a healthy, safe and happy community for all.

Residents are reminded that the Municipal Property Assessment Corporate (MPAC) sets the assessed value for each individual property. Questions about property valuation should be directed to MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 or

For more information about the Budget, visit


“The approved 2023 Property Tax Supported Business Plans and Budget reflects the Region’s commitment to deliver programs and services that are responsive to community needs. This budget upholds our standard of high-quality programs and services, supports key priorities, and meets the challenges we currently face. We are addressing issues of importance to Durham Region residents – from community safety to public transit to homelessness – and we are committed to ensuring that Durham Region remains the best place to live, work, play and invest.”

-John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer

“Regional departments and agencies worked together to create a budget for 2023 that echoes the Council’s desire to enhance frontline service delivery in our communities and to make a meaningful difference for Durham Region residents and businesses.”

-Kevin Ashe, Mayor, City of Pickering and Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee

“This budget is evidence of our strong and continued commitment to fiscal responsibility and long-term financial planning. This commitment has allowed for a budget that is sustainable and positions the Region for success for both now and in the future.”

-Nancy Taylor, Commissioner of Finance

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