Council Strategic Plan – City of Mission

The City of Mission Strategic Plan guides the City’s budget and service delivery, and charts how we are working toward fulfilling our vision and mission.

OurVision: Mission is a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient community, where community members thrive and have a coveted quality of life.

Our Mission: The City of Mission provides sound leadership to its residents and local businesses to balance growth that provides needed amenities, local employment opportunities, utilizing a level of responsiveness that demonstrates exemplary service and efficiency that is the envy of the Fraser Valley.

The overall focus of the City of Mission Strategic Plan is on building foundations – where the City will invest in organizational resourcing, parks and recreation facilities, industrial and commercial expansion, and public safety.

These are the building blocks for thriving businesses, well-paying jobs, and a safe, family-friendly community with affordable housing options with desirable amenities and services.

Focus Areas and Goals

The plan outlines four strategic areas and four specific goals. Read more about these areas, and download the document.


Goal #1: The City of Mission will provide a workplace culture where employees are valued and equipped with the necessary tools and resources to complete their duties and where the organization achieves an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of +18 or greater.

How We Will Do This

      • Implement priority action items from the City’s Whole Health Organization Action Plan
      • Implement the City’s Business Application Software project focusing on Finance, Human Resources, Development Services and Engineering and Asset Management Software solutions.
      • Continue expansion of the City’s Continuous Improvement Program with a focus on:
        • Industrial, Commercial, Building permit processes;
        • Development planning processes;
        • Asset Management program; and
        • Implementing recommendations within the Human Resources Strategy.
      • Keep up-to-date on staffing level needs based on levels of service priorities and needs.
      • Maintain a flexible, and supportive work environment


Goal #2: The City of Mission will increase citizen satisfaction ratings for parks and recreation facilities by 20%.

How We Will Do This

      • invest in an ‘Activity Hub’ for the Centennial Park/Leisure Center Complex/Mission Senior Secondary area of ​​the City as a center of social, recreational, and cultural activity for all Mission residents.
      • Ensure co-planning with the School District and the Province to identify potential partnering opportunities for expanded recreation opportunities at the Mission Senior Secondary site.
      • Developing outdoor/experiential education and recreation programming for the North Mission and Municipal Forest areas.
      • Continue to find efficiencies with service delivery with the Parks, Recreation and Culture department to increase user access.
      • Update the Parks, Recreation, Arts & Culture Master Plan with specific management plans for the Fraser River Heritage Park in partnership with the Leq’á:mel, Máthexwi and Semá:th Society.


Goal #3: The City of Mission will increase the total number of local jobs within the Office, Retail, and Industrial categories by 6.6%.

How We Will Do This

      • Initiate the Waterfront Revitalization Implementation Plan.
      • Adopt and implement the Employment Lands Strategy.
      • Conduct a review of the City’s Official Community Plan to determine priority planning areas for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional development.
      • Determine the City’s role and investment potential to catalyze priority planning areas


Goal #4: The City of Mission, utilizing the Crime Severity Index, will be the safest community in the Fraser Valley.

How We Will Do This

      • The City will prioritize and implement best practices for personnel levels for the fire department and RCMP based on updated Fire Protection Master and RCMP Mission Detachment Strategic Plans.
      • Determine the level of service for personnel within the fire department and commit to meeting personnel levels for the fire department in accordance with the City’s Fire Protection Master Plan.
      • Invest in facility infrastructure for both the RCMP and Fire Departments in accordance with the City’s Fire Protection Master and RCMP Mission Detachment Strategic Plans.
      • Develop and implement a communications plan to educate the public on safety initiatives and statistics.
      • Dedicated appropriate resources for investment in the City’s Transportation Master Plan and Traffic Safety Program including paving, sidewalk, and multiple use pathway capital investment program.
      • Continue to address key social issues as identified in the Community Wellness Strategy.

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