Google Expands its Digital Marketing Coaching Program for SMBs

Google has announced an expansion of its digital coaches program for SMBs, which provides online marketing advice and assistance, for free, to diverse small businesses across the US.

The program aims to connect SMBs with approved digital coaches from their area, in order to help them navigate the various aspects of getting their business online and maximizing brand awareness.

Originally launched in selected regions back in 2019, Google’s now expanding the program, with new coaches in Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.

As explained by Google:

“Trained in partnership with Main Street America, these new coaches will work with businesses in their home states, with a focus on those that operate in small towns and rural communities. Digital Coaches will offer ongoing workshops on topics designed to help small businesses grow and thrive, including connecting with customers, selling online, and improving productivity – all for free.”

The benefit for Google, of course, is more ad spend, and more focus on improving the listed details of each business, which will enhance Google’s database of businesses, services, and products that it can then highlight in Search.

So it’s free, in direct cost, but there are also clear benefits for Google in providing this education to as many businesses as possible.

Google says that there are now 28 certified Grow with Google Digital Coaches across the US, helping Black and Latinx businesses maximize their digital presence. Thus far, they’ve helped more than 160,000 small businesses gain new skills, and this new expansion could see that number rose rapidly, easing more businesses into the digital shift.

You can learn more about Grow with Google Digital Coaches, and how to access them, here.

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