How The Galaxy Ecosystem Helps Entrepreneurs Work On The Go

Owning a small business has never been so exciting. And things are looking up: According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s Small Business Confidence Index, confidence among owners is on the rise.

But that doesn’t mean the obstacles of the last couple of years have left entrepreneurs unscathed. From inflation to workforce shortages, small business owners have been struggling to do more with less—and as data from the Business Development Bank of Canada show, that’s straining work-life balance and creating stress for many.

“2023 is not without its own challenges as well as opportunities,” said Paul Edwards, vice-president and general manager of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics Canada. “Coming out of the pandemic, small business owners, of all sizes, across different industries, have identified a greater focus to address supply chains, labor and cyber security needs.”

In this climate, the ability to work smart and to get the most out of tools and technology is an imperative, especially for smaller organizations.

“Small business owners are unquestionably one of the hardest-working groups of professionals in Canada,” Edwards says. “To build and operate a business from the ground up requires tremendous focus and multi-tasking. Having trusted and reliable technology that provides enhanced productivity and flexibility to work from anywhere can help create efficiencies in day-to-day operations.”

That’s where the Samsung Galaxy comes in. More than those devices, the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem gives entrepreneurs a critical edge in these fast-paced and often unpredictable times. From features like Link to Windows, which allows users to shift tasks seamlessly between their phones and computers, to Knox Suite1an end-to-end solutions admin platform that allows enterprise IT to secure, deploy and manage devices throughout the organization, the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem is purpose-built to meet the needs and timely challenges of businesses of all sizes.

With the rise of WFH and hybrid work—where our day-to-days are not always spent at a desk in the office—Samsung Galaxy keeps the pace and is made to work on the go. Devices like the Galaxy XCover6 Pro and Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro—part of the Galaxy Rugged product line—are extra strong and durable, able to withstand whatever conditions entrepreneurial road warriors might face.

“We’re seeing that today’s hybrid workers and SMB owners value technology that is easily portable, which is why Samsung designs devices that are compact, slim and lightweight—optimal for workers who are constantly on the go,” says Edwards. “The Samsung Galaxy suite of products has been designed so that all Galaxy devices work together, making it easier for entrepreneurs to move from task to task no matter the environment. The Galaxy lineup of smartphones, tablets, watches, earbuds and PCs sets a new standard for mobile productivity, video and audio experiences, allowing small business owners to operate effectively with confidence.”

For small businesses, costs and returns on investment are constant concerns, especially in a climate of worrisome inflation and sky-high borrowing rates. By easing barriers that prevent workers from doing their best work on the go, the Samsung Galaxy is also a powerful value driver.

“Through a Samsung-connected experience, businesses can confidently maximize productivity, expand creativity and perform daily tasks with simplicity and ease. Workplace tools also need to have enhanced productivity features—simply put, they need the ability to get more things done, quickly. Devices that enable workers to work in an intuitive, PC-like environment using just their phones are critical, as work is no longer confined to a desk,” Edwards says.

“The technology that boasts powerful connectivity is also incredibly valuable to today’s hybrid workers. When you don’t know where the day is going to take you, having a device that can tap into 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity—and comes with an all day battery—is an absolute game-changer.”

To learn more about how Samsung Galaxy can give your business a powerful edge, visit the SMB eStore.

1 Available through subscription.

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