Unveils Soaring Corporate Travel Demand for Bleisure Trips While Overall Business Expenditure Increases

Published: may. 7, 2023 at 11:30 PM EDT|Updated: 1 hour ago

SINGAPORE, May 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Group’s corporate travel arm, Trip.Biz, recently released its Corporate Travel Management Market White Papertaking a closer look at the Chinese mainland’s business travel market and trends.


Companies in China are optimistic about the resumption of corporate travel as border policies relax, and flight capacity gradually resumes. According to Trip.Biz survey data, 84.5% of companies expect an increase in domestic business travel budget for 2023, while 74.5% expect an increase in international business travel budget.

This sentiment is carried across the global business travel market. in August 2022the GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) estimated that worldwide business travel would recover to 81% of its pre-pandemic level in 2023, while the Chinese market would reach about 75% of its pre-pandemic level in 2022 and 89% in 2023 , with an 18.9% increase in business travel spending.

Business travelers are increasingly eager for a comfortable, safe and efficient travel experience. Trip.Biz survey data suggests greater demand for fast-track security lanes, flexible change & cancellation policies, and quality hotel service.

Many employees are embracing the bleisure of travel, with over 90% of business travelers in a Trip.Biz survey stating they may visit local tourist attractions or historical sites at their own expense during a business trip. 38.4% of business travelers expect to have more leisure time in the local area. Business travelers believe that developed cities or scenic destinations offer the most when undertaking business travel.

The white paper shows that in 2022, over 30% of companies allocate more than 10% of their budgets to business travel, an increase from 2021. The proportion of spending on business travel is also increasing, making it one of the main expenses for these organizations as business travel budgets increase. Therefore, businesses seek evidence-based cost control and higher profits through lower-cost e-management.

Companies are vigorously pursuing digital transformation. Trip.Biz survey data shows that nearly 60% of companies have begun digitizing their business travel processes. State-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures, and wholly foreign-owned enterprises have a higher tendency to manage business travel digitally. Additionally, digital business travel management is more prevalent in large and medium-sized enterprises.

“This year’s strong demand for business travel and the pursuit of efficient management will be a major focus for companies, making the digital transformation of business travel management more urgent than before,” said Steven ZhangChief Executive Officer at Trip.Biz.

Additionally, the white paper discusses trends such as combining business travel with low-carbon initiatives. Companies have gradually begun exploring low-carbon business travel options. According to Trip.Biz survey, approximately 85% of business travelers prefer flights and hotels with low-carbon certifications. Additionally, those responsible for business travel believe that implementing an online management system benefits sustainable and low-carbon development.

Download the full report here: Trip.Biz Corporate Travel Management Market White Paper

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